Sunday, March 20, 2011

You Know What's Bullshit? #1: Elevators

You know what's bullshit? Elevators.

You've got a few minutes left before making it in time at the office which is at the 30-somethingth floor. Fast-forward, you're now so fucking pissed. You want to destroy that person across your workstation. You slam all of your fingers on the keyboard. Your eyebrows are furrowed, and everybody around you is keeping a one-kilometer distance away from you. This is because you're fricking late again, and a memo from your boss is in order. Why? Why did this happen? Oh yeah, the elevator did a sucker punch on your face again. What better way to get late than because of that effing lift?

Let's start with the people who use them. Why do they need to push both the Up and Down buttons? Do they think the evelators' gonna come running if the buttons are both lit up or are the elevators really that stupid (they are, but that's another story)? Have they forgotten that if they want to go up, they push Up, and if they want to go down, they push Down? Pushing both buttons would actually make things longer. Because if you want to go up and you push the Down button aside from Up, the elevator will go down first before going up! "Oh, there are two buttons here. They're no different. Let's push them both!" Why do they have to push the Down button if they're not gonna go down at all? Ass.

Some people really don't appreciate the value of time, do they? And if they happen to be the nearest the floor buttons, you'd wish you have a missile launcher and destroy them right there and then. I remember this incident when there were a couple of us inside the elevator, and there were these two guys near the floor buttons, chatting shit. The elevator opened, a couple of people stepped out. Guess what happened. One of the two guys just fucking stared at the Close button, just waiting for the damn doors to close. What the fuck. Doesn't he really have any initiative or is he just that lazy? If I automatically push the Close button after the people have stepped out, why can't he?

Oh this one's classic: the elevator closing before you can make it. Yeah, even if you shout at the top of your lungs and you're almost gonna jump in to make it inside, most people inside either just don't care or are just being a motherload of fuck, ignoring you and close the damn door in front of your face. How romantic.

Speaking of ass, elevators are definitely a big ass especially in big, old buildings. The building is big, with a shitload of floors and all, and there are only four elevators. And one of them is always under maintenance. Always. How could the building owners possibly make things worse for their tenants? Some elevators are slow in every aspect - they move up or down slowly, the doors open or close slowly. Other elevators meanwhile are like party girls with attention deficit disorder. I pushed 14th floor, and the elevator ignores it and opens up at 15th floor.

Now that, my friends, is bullshit.

PS: I am absolutely honest to tell you that it's a big coincidence that the blog post before this one is also about elevators. It's a coincidence. Believe me. Even if you lock me inside an elevator and dump a lot of cow shit, I'd still tell you that it's a coincidence. Really.

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Of Recurring Dreams And Elevators

I've been having this series of recurring dreams lately. Though I don't remember any of these dreams for the most part, they center on a single structure: the elevator.

I remember that I was either finding my way out or just looking around at this big hospital. I was wandering from room to room, from department to department, and from floor to floor. I saw patients on hospital beds, doctors on the floor, and nurses all around. I think I found myself in one of these rooms where I was standing next to an unconscious patient on his bed. I suddenly ran away because I feared that I was next in line for getting pricked by a syringe of some sort. I also passed by the morgue, where I saw a row of dead people. Suddenly, something or someone chased me and I ran away as fast as I could. I rushed to the nearest elevator that I saw on the way and frantically tried to escape. I then found myself at the reception. I saw my ex-girlfriend there who is a nurse, talked for a bit, and went out of the building. By the entrance, I rode a cab.

I woke up.

I also had this dream where I was inside what seems to be an abandoned building that resembled the one where my current workplace is. There are no other people there but myself, and I was finding my way out. Along the way, I discovered lots and lots of shortcuts and loops. When I got into the elevator, I never got out again. It was just going up and down like it's never gonna stop.

I woke up.

The last dream that I seem to remember is about a girl and I trying to check in at a hotel. The first hotel we went to was fully-booked, so we went to the next one. It went on like that until we finally got us a hotel with a vacant room. The elevator this time was very spacious large, and it was speeding really, really fast.

I woke up.

And now I wonder, what's up with the buildings and the elevators? I've searched online and various results revolve around one thing: moving up means a progress going on, maybe in personal life, moods, career, whatever. Moving down means otherwise. And being stuck means the same in that regard. It basically means the direction of my life in all aspects. Each level may also represent different levels of consciousness.

Now about the hospital, the abandoned building, and the girl, those are stuff I don't think I'm interested to know.

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