Friday, September 16, 2011

Micro-Kwento #8: Pleasure Giver Extraordinaire

Notice: I think this is an "R-13"-rated blog post for having a sexual theme. Don't say I didn't warn you.

When he was sixteen, his teacher was fond of her for reasons he didn't know. She just seemed to be fascinated by him. This teacher looks quite young for her age, early 30s. There was this one instance when she deliberately gave him a failing mark, then told him to see her after classes. After the "meeting," they did it on her table.

When he was still studying in college, his best friend since childhood just broke up with his girlfriend of three years. This girl was quite reserved, which attracted him, because her being conservative is quite befitting of her somehow angelic beauty. He didn't want to take advantage when she was crying about the breakup. But, for some inevitable reasons, they got a room and did it. This went on for around two months.

He was working at an office and didn't care much about the people in it when he noticed this somewhat flirty girl. She was clearly showing signs that she wanted to be opened. At least, to a conversation. The ambiguity of her gestures got him to feel interested in her. Months went by and he just stole glances at her whenever she didn't look. Glances led them to her bedroom the day he left his job.

He was a tourist in this certain city in Europe when he met a local girl there. Her English vocabulary only consists of less than 10 words. They were fooling around one night at a beach and had sex there.

As soon as he met his girl cousin after a long time of not seeing each other, he remembered how much he was crushing on her. They used to role-play in which they were a couple. Now that years had passed by, he found her beauty more alluring, more stunning than ever, like a bud that blossomed into a flower. No matter how much he resisted, he just can't help but try his chances. After a couple of resistances, they finally did it. And they didn't regret it.

His best friend's ex-girlfriend who he had trysts with has a gal pal who was looking for a commitment. He can't give her (the friend) that. But he gave her night after night of orgasms and sexual situations she never had before in her whole active sex life.

One of her girl classmates from college found him on Facebook and added him as a friend. He can't seem to remember much about her. When they met at a coffee shop, she brought along her friend, a girl. After they all bored themselves out of serious conversations over the coffee table, they had a threesome over his former classmate's friend's bed.

He went alone to a club just to chill and have a drink. He got back home with a woman in his arm. This woman was 15 years older than him. After they spent the night together, the woman told him that he just gave her the most orgasmic, wildest sex ever. She wanted to come back frequently for more.

In a plane en-route to Europe where he had an encounter with that girl who only knew little English, he was exchanging pleasantries with a flight attendant. Days after he got back from the vacation, he dropped by at her house. She opened the door, and welcomed him with her bare breasts showing.

He's probably somewhere at this moment, talking to a girl who he really don't know that much. Or they are probably getting on with it as we speak.

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  1. Indeed, iba nga siya sa mga nagdaan na Micro-Kwento. Ganda talaga ng pagka-deliver mo ng story Jake. Yet again, another good piece. More Power.

  2. extraordinaire nymphomaniac. hahaha. you are really good mapaEnglish or tagalog. keep it up. :D

    BTW, gusto ko yung tsinelas na yan. san pwede makabili nyan? :)

  3. Haha rated nga ang post na ito. Palagay ko close friend mo ito. ^_^


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