Monday, August 26, 2013

Bossa Nova Brasileiro

Whenever I want to:

1) Concentrate at work,
2) Enjoy my cup of coffee with a soothing background music,
3) Chill in the cold, rainy weather,
4) Relax until I sleep at night,

I listen to bossa nova. And when I say bossa nova, it means the "authentic, faithful" kind of bossa nova. I did a bit of research about it and learned that this genre traces its routes to Brazil. I was also able to listen to some of the recommended bossa nova artists, and there's this particular one who really got my attention. His name is Antônio Carlos Jobim, who's also known as Tom Jobim. If I'm not mistaken, he is regarded as one of the fathers of bossa nova.

Yeah, for some, I may be already late to discover his music. But what the heck.

So, if you would also like to do any of the above in the list and would also like to acommpany it with bossa nova, here are three songs from Jobim I recommend you start with (ready with your headset):

1) Você Vai Ver - This one NEVER FAILS to get me into the mood.

2) The Girl from Ipanema - I think this is THE QUINTESSENTIAL bossa nova song. The version below is the one with collaborators Joao Gilberto, Astrud Gilberto, and Stan Getz. He has his own solo version.

Additional Edit: That "girl from Ipanema" is actually a real person. Her name is Heloísa Pinheiro.

3) Two Kites - A feel-good bossa nova song. The lyrics are quirky.

Go ahead, listen to those and tell me through the comments section how you find these songs. If you also have any bossa nova song suggestions, let me know too.

PS: If you genuinely did enjoy the three songs I gave you, here's a bonus:

4) Dreamer - "Why are my eyes always full of this vision of you? Why do I dream silly dreams that I fear won't come true?"

PPS: I won't post any Picture of the Day so your mood wouldn't be derailed.
PPPS: Oh wow, I actually blogged in English!


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